What is a SaaS subscription?

SaaS (software as a service) is subscription based application software solution hosted and operated by a third party and accessible by internet. Offering SaaS products is the new way to grow your business and increase your revenue. SaaS subscription can be offered as an add-on to your original services and significantly increase the value of your original offer all the while boosting your profits.

Recurring X has collaborated with innovative SaaS technology companies, providing growing tools/products/services that are being sought by millions of local businesses around the world. The tools/products come as a SaaS subscription model so you can license the tools/products which are white-labeled, add your own branding, and almost immediately start up your SaaS subscription business.

Yeah, you can develop SaaS yourself. But it will take your tremendous effort, time, and resources to build a SaaS tools/products enterprise-grade that you can start selling!More certainly more than $10,000 or more to be spent on developing such tools/products, maintaining a long-term technical support/tool/product maintenance creation team, paying several hundred or thousandsof dollars for hosting, etc., and hoping them to be successful after wasting time, money, and cash. Where Recurring X gives you the full package in terms of ready-to-go market solutions, it also partners with you to handle the technical support along with the hosting hustle as an additional incentive. Last but not least, Super Bonus: The Recurring X marketing team also helps you enter the market by sharing business knowledge, target customers, etc.

Well, we don’t know it depends on you. Perhaps we can share a prediction here: for example, a tool/product that has a monthly subscription fee of $30 and you manage 50 users on that subscription plan, you have generated another subscription plan in $60 where you manage ten customers, and you have another subscription plan that you sell at $100, and you have managed one customer on that plan. By merging these calculations, we can project one month’s revenue: $30 X 50 = $1,500 $60 X 10 = $600 $100 X 1 = $100 Total = $2,200 in a month If you have this number of clients, that means 12 X $2,200= $26,400 in 1 year from just 61 users! And the potential is certainly infinite.

Possibly, you have your base of customers to whom you can provide this as a service. For example, if you have a product that makes your customer/client sell more, you can give your customer/client a monthly subscription to the product. And they’re going to get more profits, and you’re going to make more money out of t he job you’re doing for them! For both of you, it provides a win-win situation.

It’s totally okay if you don’t have any current clients or customers to start your own SaaS subscription service. After selecting any of our package and completing your transaction with Recurring X, our winning marketing team will help you start the company by providing you with guidance, relevant details about the target market, and showing you how you can begin to get customers.

Recurring X does not receive any of the fees from your clients. All tools/products in which Recurring X partners all come with the ability to tailor the payment system with the Stripe, PayPal, and Manual Payment collection. This means you are simply connecting your Stripe, Payment account into your own stripe or PayPal account to collect payments from your customer.

Definitely not. Start as low as $199 annually, where you have an immense opportunity to get this investment back from a few customers in a month.

Certainly not, we only accept the fee for the license. And we have an exclusive agreement with our sponsors on conditions that we have decided they cannot charge outside of that. Please read all terms carefully until you agree to buy any product/tool/product license. But there are no extra or secret costs.

We want you to shop easily with just about any payment method you can use, so we accept payments using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Recurring X credits! Heads up: Depending on the currency of your country, your payment processor may charge an exchange rate fee.

Almost all our partners have their own technical support team and business hours of service. Once you acquire and trigger the license, our partners will give you all of the information about it.

Indeed, we have a Money Back Policy for 30 days. In Recurring X, you can either get the money as an e-wallet balance, or you can get it back in your card/account. However, you need to send us an email claim explaining the proper case for a cash return, and we need seven days to process the refund. The refund window for each product can be found in terms of each product. This ensures that for any reason, you can request a refund for a product you purchased through us within the allotted period for each product and you will be refunded in full. Not partially. Not at cost. Enchilada (or taco) all over. Regrettably, after the refund period has expired, you will not be able to claim a refund through your account, and we will not be able to accept requests for a refund.

In the Recurring X portal, you need to open an account, and once you buy a few licenses, you can see the license in the license section there. The essential note is, you need to enable the license within seven days of purchase else, the license would be automatically deactivated, and the money will be refunded in your Recurring X e-wallet.